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November 01, 2005



That's right Kris, do a search for "GTD tiddlywiki" and you should find the GTD templated tiddlywiki.. it's nae bad, but I don't use it personally, although I use tiddly for personal information/research management. The 'scrapbook' Firefox extension is handy as well..

I think an important thing to keep in mind when approaching the challenges of corporate memory (and effective workflow and collaboration) is that there will be no 'solution' for any organization's problems .. think of your corporate memory approach as a systems or ecology problem instead, then try to integrate, integrate, integrate as much as possible.

Kris (LaBoheme)

Good comments Nick, thanks. I realize that it takes time and takes a champion yet there has to be a way to create at least a 80% or 90% customized solution. The research you floated my way was great and the concept is great but it's such a huge problem. From small/medium size enterprises like mine to large ones like Dow Corning. Imagine how productive we could be if we could learn to collaborate like scientists do.



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